House Rules (Bar):

  1. No shots

  2. We encourage consuming alcohol in moderation at our events, and reserve the right to refuse service to a guest at any time if they appear intoxicated or behave in a disorderly manner

  3. Last call is 20 minutes before the end of the event

  4. No alcohol may be served, consumed, or in possession of a guest after 2AM

  5. No open containers of alcohol may leave the premises at any time

House Rules (General):

  1. No smoking on the premises (including backyard); smokers must be in front of venue at the curb

  2. Outdoor Terrace closes at 10PM; no loud noise or amplified music at any time

  3. Guests must provide proof of insurance (venue-specific) and valid permits for all outside vendors

  4. All rental times must include any needed set up and tear down - please arrange w/ host

  5. Overtime is charged at 1.5x hourly rate plus applicable beverage costs (no partial hours allowed)

  6. Furniture can only be moved by staff; we do not guarantee specific requests for floor plan changes

  7. No confetti, glitter, or other decorations which may damage flooring, paint, or otherwise cause a burden for our custodial team; client must clear all decorations with event manager prior to the event