Established in 2017, The Academy is a neighborhood social club in San Francisco’s Castro District, focused on promoting meaningful interactions among its Members and guests, while offering engaging programming in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and leading community members.

The Club is open to all, and aspires to be diverse in age, race, gender, and social standing, with all Members sharing a common interest in engaging in the community and valuing in-person connections.

The Academy has collaborated on various social and community events with nonprofit organizations including:


We seek to build a community of dynamic individuals focused on promoting genuine social interaction, contributing to our society, and uniting through shared experiences.

Our Location

2166 Market Street has deep roots within the Upper Market LGBTQ community. In the mid-1970s, it operated as a restaurant/bar called Cardi’s, catering to San Francisco’s growing gay clientele.

In 1977, it became the Balcony, a men’s leather bar. In the mid-1980s during the notorious sex club era, it was known as The Academy. Until 2015, it was the home of Klotz Watches & Clocks. Our name is a tribute to both the history of the location and the surrounding community.